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Whisper Naamah GarnetVine

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- Name: Whisper Naamah GarnetVine
Age: around 1300
Race: Bat-demon
Gender: Female
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Accessories: Scythe, Mask
Likes: "Her evil brothers and sisters", evil plots, night
Dislikes: Humanity, technology, her face, fight, being called a vampire

Personality: Very inteligent. She acts like a judge between people. Usualy acts very caring and tries to help with their problems. When she has to reavel the truth or say what she realy thinks about someone, she becomes very crude and insensitive. She's realy despiseing all other creatures but she likes to plot and play with them, so she hides it.

Bio: Once a very good and helpful person but she was scared by some vempire hunters by mistake. Now she plans world domination but when she found it to difficult to make by her own, she created the Apocalypse Citadel to gather all evil creatures.

Extra info: She never removes her mask in front of other unless it's realy necessary. Her theme music is "Whisper of the Apocalypse" by Sagisu Shiro.

Name: Cyfer
Race: Small imp
Info: Lesser demon found by Whisper in the Underworld. Normaly she would eat him to increase her powers but she found him very interesting and kept him as her servant. He speaks very polite and usually adds things like -sama -kun etc.

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