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Akasha Lilith

OUT, May 2nd, 2009, 3:20 am
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- Name: Akasha Lilith

age: ...unknow(she think that she's 19 but she doesnt know that she's nightmareish creepy doll)...

Race: human/zombie
Gender: famale
Alignment: neutral evil
Accessories: huge gun collection(she have secred gun shop somewhere in space), some creepy stuf like skuls croses angd so on....

personality: she's goth... sarcastic, shabby and arrogant goth. She'scontained and she havent any friends....

bio: At night she turns into a ghost zombie doll and scares the crap out of people, but nobody realy knows that she and the "creepy doll" are the same person, even she don't knows that (and no one would know that... only if i decide like that)

likes: darknes, gothic music, blody collor, death, croses, play on organ(she have curch oragans... dont ask where she get it she just have)

dislikes: light, garlic, happines

EXTRA INFO: she take care about Out's dog George...

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