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Akiva, May 5th, 2009, 7:01 am
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Bad bad pun... - But here is my character's information:

Name: Andrew "Ender" Robbins

Age: 237

Race: Half human Half elemental

Gender: Male

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Accessories: None

Likes: People, nature, FIRE

Dislikes: Willful Ignorance

Personality: Rather quiet, Ender has learned the hard way to keep to himself although he does like to observe people and is quite curious. He just wants a place to belong.

Bio: His entire life Ender has been an outcast. Too human to fit in with the elementals, too freak-ish to fit in with the humans. Everywhere he goes he's mistaken for a demon, but even the demons despise him for his weakness. He hopes this tower will grant him refuge from the never-ending persecution.

Extra info: Being part elemental, fire elemental to be exact, he "eats" the potential for fire from items, turning them to ash as he absorbs their fire. Anything fire related heals him. HOWEVER, water will act like acid to him. He can resist a total dunking so long as it is momentarily, though it will cause him to pass out. Anything longer than a few seconds will start to eat away at his flesh. He has limited shape shifting abilities and can appear human... except that he still has a grey skintone, white-pupilless-eyes, and smells strongly of sulfer.

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